About the Vintage Roundup

The Vintage Roundup is a clothing and craft market which brings together the very best of Dunedin’s vintage clothing and craft scene. Vintage lovers will gain access to a hall full of carefully curated treasures. Come and shop all of Dunedin’s fave vintage clothing shops, online sellers and collectors all under one roof for one day.

In 2023 we celebrated the markets 10th birthday!  Some of our fabulous vendors have been committed since the very first market in 2013.

 The market is a great opportunity for fans to:

  • Get their hands on a wide range of vintage and craft all in one central city location.
  • Get a taste of Dunedin’s different vintage clothing shops, their unique styles and what they sell.
  • For newbies to Dunedin it’s a chance to find out where all the cool vintage shops are by meeting the shop owners themselves.  Plus find out where designers / crafters sell their products and what other markets they attend.
  • An opportunity to try on clothes that are only sold online.
  • An opportunity for collectors to bring their collections out of storage and into a public space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the Vintage Roundup held?

The upcoming Vintage Roundup on Saturday April 6th will be at 649 Princes Street – a new venue known as ERRICK’S,  previous this was the New New New Brewery.  It’s a great space.

How do I pay the $2 entry fee?

Please bring a $2 coin for entry, or you can pay using bank transfer.

Where can I park?

You will can find street parking on Princes St, Crawford St, and surrounding areas.

Will there be bags for my purchases?

Some stallholders may have bags available, but we encourage you to bring your own reusable bags. 

Are there toilets?

Yes! The toilets are located just outside the venue. 

How do I pay for my purchases? 

Please pay each individual stallholder for their items. Each stallholder has a unique clothing tag to identify their stall. Some stalls will be cash only and others may have EFTPOS or online banking details to make an online deposit. Make sure you bring cash to avoid missing out! 

Where is the closest cash machine?

The closest cash machine is at the other end of Princess st. 

I’d like to apply for a stall at the next market – how do I do that?

Please read our vendors page to read the application criteria and find the application form. Also feel free to chat to Tannia herself at the next market. 

How can I be kept up to date on upcoming markets? 

Please join our Facebook page for all updates on future markets. On the day of a market you can find our fliers with our website and facebook details near the entrance. 

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, there will be private spaces to try on clothes.   Due to limited space, you may have to que for your turn. I recommend trying on any outerwear at the stalls, where they will all have long mirrors available. 

What stalls will be selling on the day?

You can see who will be attending on our facebook page. We advertise each stallholder leading up to the market with a glimpse of their style or treasures they will bring.  Our stallholders come from all over Otago, including Oamaru, Invercargill and Milton (and sometimes Wellington)! 

What’s the Market Etiquette? 

Ask the stallholder first

Please make sure you ask the stallholder, before you take an item away from their stall. You are welcome to hold items as you shop around and try on items in the changing rooms. Just make sure they are aware you have done so and that the items are returned after. 

Market 20 minute hold rule

The Vintage Roundup has a “Return within 20 minutes” rule. Unless an alternative arrangement is made with the stallholder the item came from. This should be enough time to have a quick shop, try the item on and bring it back or go to a cash machine and back. 

Please return items to the stall you got them from

Each item has a distinctive tag, which will help you locate which stall the item belongs to. 

Can I barter?

It will depend on each individual stallholder if they are prepared to move on the price or not. Some sellers may do deals for bulk buys and some have already dropped the prices for the market. It’s totally up to you if you want to attempt to barter. 

Do I need to wear a mask? Do you need Vaccine Passports? 

Please read our Covid-19 Info page.  

When did The Vintage Roundup start?

The Vintage Roundup started in 2013 and is the brainchild of Tannia Lee a Secondhand Stylist who styles and photographs fun and colourful content for her instagram page called ‘Tannicorn’. With a goal to inspire and brighten up the world, featuring her retro home, quirky wardrobe and daughter Nova dressed in pre-loved, vintage + locally made treasures. Tannia’s new venture is her fast growing Facebook group page called Seen in Secondhand Land, where members share cool finds that are still up for grabs in Secondhand stores around Dunedin. You can follow her colourful Instagram & Facebook page here.

A note from Tannia, the creator of The Vintage Roundup:

Hi, Tannia here, there’s nothing more exciting to me than a hall full of all my fave vintage clothing shops, online stores, collectors and crafters. So I wanted to create an event where this could be possible! The ultimate vintage clothing and craft lovers shopping haven!

I started the  first market when I moved to Dunedin in 2013. I saw ID Dunedin Fashion Week was coming up which is advertised as celebrating Dunedin’s distinct style, fashion identity and industry. I thought the vintage clothing scene is a big part of that, so I started rounding up shops and collectors that would be interested and it just grew from there.

I ran my own vintage clothing shop called Most Wanted Vintage and i’m aware that we need events like this to create awareness of our shops, meet our fans, meet and network with other people within the vintage clothing and craft industry. Plus pick up some sweet vintage for an excellent Dunedin price.

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