Are you interested in selling at The Vintage Roundup?

Spaces for newbies are limited for each market as our longtime running ‘Roundup Collective’ have reserved spaces. 


If you are interested in having a stall, please go ahead and fill out the application form for the April 6th 2024 Market .

If your application is accepted, you will be sent an invoice for fee payment. 


If you haven’t been a stallholder before, you can email us at with a brief description of your stall and some photo examples – stall set up from previous markets, or fave items you’d like to bring.  We can then see if what you’re selling is in theme (vintage / craft) and a good fit for the market. I will let you know if you can go ahead and fill out the application form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of stalls do you accept?

We accept stalls that we feel fit our vintage theme, style and standard. 

Vintage Theme includes; vintage and retro clothing and accessories, collectables, craft and art from around the art deco era to the 1990s. We love the many genres that come under the vintage umbrella, from 50s rockabilly & pin up to 60s & 70s retro mod, 80s punk, glam, street, hip hop and way more. 

Vintage Style includes; clothing designers, crafters and artists that have a strong vintage style (from any of the above vintage genres). 

Standards include; knowledge to set up a tidy stall space and create a great looking mini shop with appropriate fit out. For example; strong sturdy racks that won’t fall apart (Industrial racks are for hire if needed). 

How do I apply for a stall space?

You will need to fill out an application form. If we feel you are on theme and a good fit for our market, your application form will be accepted and you will then be sent an invoice.

You can find our application form near the top of our vendor FAQ page. 

What happens if my application is declined? 

There can be many reasons why your application is declined and we will let you know in our reply. If the market is already booked out, but we feel your stall is a good fit for the market, we may put you on our waiting list. We know our target audience very well and try to meet the needs of our customers and what they are looking for. Your collection or craft may not fit our themes or style and therefore you would make very little to no sales.  Please respect our decision to decline. 

What if I am put on the waiting list? 

If you applied a bit too late, but we feel you are a great fit for the market, then we may put you on the waiting list. We need people on the waiting list in case stall holders drop out last minute. We will also need you to be ready at late notice to attend the market if you are called. 

How do I pay for my stall?

After your application form has been accepted we will send you an invoice with our bank account details on it. Fees must be deposited 2 weeks prior to the market to secure your spot. Failure to pay before due dates may lead to your spot being offered to someone else. 

What are the stall sizes?

  • Small stall: 2m by 2m
  • Large stall: 4m by 2m, or 3m by 3m

Depending on the venue layout, the stalls may be slightly different shapes or sizes. Please be flexible to fit your stall into the spaces given. Because you will be placed on the day, the space shapes may vary and are not always rectangular.

Please measure out your space at home, so you have an idea of what you will fit in your stall space.

What are the stall hire fees?

  • Small Stall – $60
  • Large Stall – $120

I don’t own a clothing rack, can I hire one?

Yes! Industrial clothing racks are available for hire which will be set up and ready at your stall before your arrival. There are 10 different racks and are available on first in first served basis. Please email me before filling out the booking form if you are interested in hiring a rack and we’ll send you the options with measurements and garment capacity included

You can see our rack measurements and garment capacity here

I’d love my logo on the next event poster, how do I sponsor the market? 

See our information for sponsors.

I have to cancel my booking, do I get a refund?

The stallholder fee and sponsorship fee is non-refundable. But rack hire fee will be refunded if you cancel your stall hire. 

The market has been canceled by the organiser, do I get a refund?

If our local COVID-19 rules change in a way that will negatively impact the running of the market, we may choose to cancel the market or run it with a customer limit.

If the market is canceled limited refunds will apply: 1) All stallholders will be refunded half the paid stall fee. 2) Rack hire will be refunded in full. 3) Sponsorship fees will not be refunded, as advertising has already been paid for and distributed.  If our local COVID-19 rules add a capping on indoor event numbers, I may decide to proceed with the market, but in this situation no refunds will be given, including for voluntary stall cancellation. All decisions related to event cancellation or capping attendance will be made entirely at The Vintage Roundup’s sole discretion.

I have booked an outside stall, what if we have to pack up due to bad weather?

If you have booked an outside stall and need to pack up before 12pm due to bad weather we will refund $30 for those who booked a small stall and $60 for those who booked a large stall.