Market Handbook

What you need to know on market day! 


Venue: 649 Princes Street (Errick’s)

You can park at the venue close to the entrance to pack in, then please move your car swiftly so that others can also pack in. Those that are earliest will be able to park at the venue itself, those who are later will need to park on Princes St, Crawford St or surrounding area. We’ve been advised that there should be adequate parking around the area on the Saturday morning.


  • The venue will be open for loading in at 7am
  • All stalls must be set up by 10.30am – doors open at 11am!
  • All stalls please start packing down swiftly at 3pm, please be packed out of the venue by 4:30pm


If you have boxes/suitcases/bags/etc for transporting your stock, you can store them upstairs at the venue once unpacked. Tannia can show you where this are is upon arrival – this area is strictly stallholder access only. It’s a good look to have your stall uncluttered for your customers. 
IMPORTANT: Please do not let any children go upstairs. Due to health and safety it’s a no kids zone.


Errick’s (or venue) has a cafe/bar for drinks – please support them and take advantage of the beverages on offer. You will need to bring your own snacks and lunch to get through the day.
Food stalls or food trucks are yet to be confirmed.


Please leave your area as you found it.

Please use the bins provided and take larger rubbish home with you. If it does not fit into a bin, do not leave it at the venue. We will leave any lost property at the front doors while everyone packs down. Please check on your way out and take any left over hangers to avoid us having to dispose of them at the end of the day. 


It would be a great help if every stallholder could remove the masking tape that marks out your stall once you have set up, or when you leave. 


3 toilets are located outside, just back from the entrance. We can use the indoor bathrooms as changing rooms as well as pop up changing room tents.


There will be chairs at the venue, but you will need to bring your own table. I recommend buying or borrowing fold down tables for easy transport.


Make sure you have a full length mirror at your stall so customers don’t need to take untagged items (like shoes which can be hard to tag) to the changing room or to another stall’s mirror. Feel free to bring an extra one for the changing rooms. The more the better.

Go on – DRESS UP!!

Grab the opportunity to wear that outfit you’ve been dying to try out. Now is the time!

If the weather is looking rainy,  make sure you bring a rain coat for packing in and out. 

The temperature inside the shop can vary depending on where you are placed in relation to the front entrance door. Wearing layers is a good idea. We will keep the doors open for good ventilation and for health and safety.


If there are two people looking after your stall you are free to grab a drink, look around the event yourself, move your car and have toilet breaks without leaving your stall unattended. You could even organise a friend or two to visit during the day to give you breaks.

If alone, make friends with your neighbour stalls and you can look out for each other.

Prep before the market 


We’d love all aspects of the market to be a positive experience for our customers, so that means trying on clean and odourless clothing. If you store your items in a garage (like me) where moisture can cause a musty smell, then please air them out for a few days in a warm dry environment. And wash those items that don’t improve with a good airing out. 👍


Are all your clothes tagged? Your tags are your stall’s unique I.D. It also helps customers and stallholders recognise what stall a piece of clothing belongs to. A good idea is to display your tag and brand/shop name at the front of your stall. 


If you are using your own clothing rack, try it out to make sure it strong enough to handle all your clothes and customers looking through them. Industrial clothing racks are available for hire which will be set up and ready before your arrival. There are 10 different racks and are available on a first in first served basis. Please email me before filling out the booking form if you are interested in hiring a rack and we’ll send you the options with measurements and garment capacity included.


All stallholders are required to bring their own float to give change to customers. Best to have your float sorted well before the market. Make sure you have lots of gold coins, $5 and $10 dollar notes as it’s common to be handed $20s from the cash machine. I recommend keeping your float on you, like wearing a bumbag or cross body bag.


Write your banking details down for customers to do online banking deposits on the spot. I have attached an example using a letter board. I added my unique clothing tag at the top so customers can identify that the item came from my stall. 


We welcome anyone to use their eftpos machines. Please let us know in advance if you need to be placed near a power outlet and bring your own extension cord and gaffer tape just in case. 


Our advertising guide will be emailed to stallholders prior to the market.

Please LIKE The Vintage Roundup Facebook page here:

Posters will be put up around Dunedin by Phantom Billstickers. We will also advertise online and feature the poster on websites such as Facebook,, and


You are welcome to advertise your shop / business / up-coming event at your stall. Make sure your posters and fliers have your business / shop name, logo, address, website, facebook page and email. Business cards and fliers are great to give to interested customers to take home and to other stallholders for networking. You can leave your fliers on the entrance table and I will leave blue tack for you to put up a poster.

Advertising tips for a successful market



In the event of a fire or emergency evacuation please listen to the fire warden on duty. This will be the event owner Mili. Exit through the clearly signed ‘EXIT’ doors front and back of venue. Assemble in the Andy Bay Road side carpark.


Please read  our Covid info page on our website to be kept up to date on our Health and Safety for the market.  Most importantly, please stay home if you are sick – especially if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms. Hand sanitiser and masks will be available at the main entrance.


Hello, if you are new to our market I hope these tips and tricks will help. 

Photo: (left) City Rain has presented all their clothing on the same wooden hangers, which make them all hang at the same height and makes the garments look more presentable.
Photo: (right) Kathleen has bought a rug and lamp to create a welcoming atmosphere and a mini boutique feel to the space.

Stall Presentation 

Please keep your stalls tidy and well presented. The Vintage Roundup is about creating a retail shop-like experience for the customers. so we don’t want to see ‘for free’ piles on the floor. Please hang your garments, fold them up on tables or have tidy boxes or suitcases for customers to rummage for cheaper items.

Please test out how many garments your rack can safely hold before you come to the market.  Temperamental and weak racks can collapse under the weight of too many garments, its not a good look and will cause an untidy market and stress for you and your customers. 

We encourage you to be creative with your stall space and play around with setting up your ‘mini shop’. Think of fun ideas like bringing mannequins to display clothing, ladders or book shelves to display shoes / homewares and cute floor rugs to give your space character. Imagine, if you had a shop….how would you dress your shop window? How would you inspire or impress customers with your amazing pieces for sale. 

Measure out your space at home

To get an idea of your stall space and see how much you can bring to the market, please do a trial run at home first. This will help you figure out how many garments can fit on your rack and how much more can fit in your space.  If you have hired a rack, we will let you know how many garments it can hold. Measuring out your space can help you visualise how you want to set up on arrival, therefore less pressure when you arrive. If you have extra stock, you can store it upstairs and replenish your stall during the day if you need. 

Please label all your clothing items with a tag

If you also display your logo and or brand name at the front of your stall. Then customers and stallholders know who to return your items to.
If you are a brand or a business, make sure it clearly has your shop name / logo on it. 

If you are a collector, make up a fun clothing brand name. You don’t have to know graphic design and print tags as there are many other crafty ways to make labels. You can cut up a deck of cards, use puzzle pieces, see what you can find around the house or visit your local op shop. Just make sure the tag design looks consistent and include your clothing name or logo so it’s easily recognised as YOUR items. (eg; same colour, pattern, print or shape). You can attach these tags with safety pins, wool, ribbon, or use a tag gun (they’re pretty cheap these days!). 

Ask your customers to bring back items

We have signs in the changing room asking customers to return garments to the stalls they came from, but this doesn’t always work.  A good tip is to greet your customer and point out the tags on your items, showing them that this is the stall to return them to.  Giving eye contact and engaging with the customer will help them remember where it came from. 

Handling poor customer behaviour or suspected theft

I’m sorry if you come into conflict with a difficult customer. Unfortunately, we can’t tell customers how to act or give them a big list of rules before arriving, it’s near impossible. But I can support you (the stallholders) in educating the customers about our market etiquette. If they continue to kick up a stink, then it really is a reflection of their own bad behaviour. Yes conflict sucks, but it’s not on you. We are providing Dunedin with a great opportunity to get their hands on some amazing items, so please don’t feel bad when other people are behaving badly.  Please come and get me if you need help with a bad customer or suspect theft and I will handle the situation.

Make your own market toolbox

We recommend being prepared with a market tool box to help you out in any situation like a broken rack, putting up posters and fixing garments. A shoe box is a good size.

Some handy items are:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Mask(s)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • Gaffer tape
  • Paper
  • Blue-tack
  • Extra price tags
  • Sharpie
  • Pen
  • Chalk
  • Safety pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Poster of your business
  • Business cards
  • Shop fliers
  • Shopping bags for customers (no plastic please!)
  • Book or magazine to read
  • Sign with your online banking details

Bigger items:

  • Full length mirror
  • Lamp for atmosphere (remember to pop NFS on it) 
  • Cool mat or rug for your ‘mini shop’
  • Extension cord
  • 4 plug power board
  • Clothing rack